Water Wairarapa


Introducing irrigation does involve significant investment and usually a change in farming operations. Like other major farm changes, it requires considerable thought and in-depth analysis.

Here are some things to consider when you’re looking into whether irrigation could work for you.

  1. How does it fit with your current business operation and planning - could irrigation help address existing issues and assist in reaching your goals for the farm?
  2. What impact would it have on your current farming operation – do you need to change land use, how comfortable do you feel about the changes required?
  3. What would you use it for and which areas of the farm would you irrigate – and what would you aim to achieve with it?
  4. How does it fit with your farm succession plan – could it mean more family members are able to be involved with the farm in the future?
  5. What would the environmental implications be – and what would you need to do to address these?
  6. How would you access the capital required to introduce irrigation – what would this do to your farm’s current debt levels and what level of return would be required to make it viable?
  7. What type of irrigation equipment would you need – and what other investment would be required (e.g. for re-fencing, moving trees, machinery)?

Your farm advisor and rural banker can help you to work through these questions. You can also contact us if you’d like more information.