Water Wairarapa


Established in 2007, the Wairarapa Irrigation Trust works to provide farmers and other interested groups with information on how irrigation could work for them.

Made up of farmers and members of Wairarapa’s business community, the Trust provides a reference group of people that know first-hand the opportunities and challenges that irrigation can provide. The Trust has strong links with irrigation initiatives across New Zealand and shares information about developments and learnings from other schemes.

In its early years, the Trust built on initial investigative work carried out by local economic development agencies. It commissioned preliminary studies that indicated strong potential for irrigating land for economic and community uses.

The Trust continues to work alongside the project, providing membership at the Governance and Stakeholder Advisory groups and advice to the project team.

Members of the group include:

  • Bob Tosswill (Chair) - sheep/beef farmer
  • Graeme Tulloch (Deputy Chair) – sheep/beef and dairy farmer, businessman
  • Shane Atkinson – retired project engineer
  • Paul McGill – former cropping/sheep/beef farm manager, Nuffield Scholar 2010, Business Manager Specialist at Landcorp Farming
  • John Monaghan – Fonterra Director, dairy farmer
  • Bob Francis – Chair Water Wairarapa Governance Group, former Masterton Mayor
  • George Murdoch – Rural Manager, Rabobank
  • Clarence Stolte – dairy farmer