Water Wairarapa


A number of separate but related initiatives are taking place alongside Water Wairarapa’s work.

The Government’s National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management requires regional councils to ‘maintain or improve’ water quality by setting policies and rules. These include limits on what can be taken from or discharged into waterways, based on community values.

In the Greater Wellington region, the regional council’s Regional Policy Statement and new Natural Resources Plan govern this.

Proposed Natural Resources Plan

The proposed Natural Resources Plan identifies outcomes for the sustainable management of natural and physical resources in the Greater Wellington region to achieve the purpose of the Resource Management Act (1991).

The proposed plan contains policies, rules and methods for the people and organisations that use or protect the region’s resources. Find out more here.

Ruamāhanga Whaitua Committee

The community, through the Ruamāhanga Whaitua Committee, is setting the policies and rules which will form part of the new Natural Resources Plan. It has developed a vision for the future and has described what the community values and wants from land and water. This will help the committee to make informed decisions about goals for future land and water management. Find out more here.

Wairarapa Moana Wetlands

Restoring our wetland treasure - Whakaora te repo, ka ora te taonga Wai. The Wairarapa Moana Wetlands Park is a joint initiative of Greater Wellington Regional Council, the Department of Conservation, South Wairarapa District Council, Kahungunu ki Wairarapa and Rangitane o Wairarapa Inc. Find out more here.