Water Wairarapa


Wairarapa means glistening waters, and our region is a place of natural abundance. But our natural supply of water is increasingly unpredictable and not available when it is needed most. This causes uncertainty and limits the opportunities in our local community and region as a whole.

Water Wairarapa aims to secure a sustainable future for our region’s people, land and water, by storing, managing and using water in ways that boost regional prosperity, care for the environment and support community use.

Water Wairarapa was first formed in 2010 to investigate and establish options for providing a more reliable source of water for the Wairarapa region.

Since then, in-depth studies have identified the optimal locations for water storage and distribution infrastructure. The potential financial, social, environmental and cultural implications of establishing a scheme have been initially assessed. There is more work to do in all of these areas.

These activities have included working with a range of stakeholder groups throughout the region to gain their input and understand their interests and aspirations for what a water scheme could provide.

Funding for earlier work and the current feasibility stage has been provided by Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Ministry for Primary Industry’s Irrigation Acceleration Fund (IAF). Subject to viability, following this stage a commercial entity will be formed to raise the capital required to develop and construct the scheme.